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'I will never fly again without this': This $15 foot hammock helps make cramped plane cabins comfier

Travelers say it staves off aches, pains, and swelling on long trips.

Anyone who's been stuck in coach on a long flight knows what a miserable experience it can be. While you may think little can help when you're stuck in such an inhumanly small space, there are certain things you can bring aboard in your carry-on to make the flight more tolerable — dare we say enjoyable? To wit: this popular airplane foot hammock. Trust us: Your tootsies, calves, and knees never had it so good!

Give your feet a more comfortable place to perch the next time you fly in coach.

$15 at Amazon

Here's how it works: The hammock hooks onto the tray table in front of you. It has adjustable straps, ranging from 17 to 34 inches, so you can find the perfect fit for your height. And voilá: Just rest your feet or legs on it for added comfort and support. You can use the hammock in three different positions depending on where you're feeling achiest.

The airplane foot hammock is padded for extra comfort, and when you’re not using it, it folds up into a compact, easy-to-pack carrying bag. Not surprisingly, frequent flyers are big fans — they love how it helps alleviate swelling, relieve stiff legs, ease backaches, and improve blood flow. Oh, yeah: You can use it on the ground too. Enjoy the lower-body bliss it brings on buses and trains, or even at your desk.

Basic Concepts airplane foot hammock
It's bad enough that the fat cats in first and business class get the best snacks — this airplane foot hammock means they won't have a monopoly on lower-body comfort too. (Amazon)

What reviewers say

One five-star reviewer called this airplane foot hammock a "game changer for air travel," adding, "I will never fly again without this. I’ve recommended it to everyone. East Coast USA to Southeast Asia — 24 hours in long-haul flights each way with serious low back pain condition to start. But being able to hang my legs, even in a sideways position, saved me from hours of pain that I had endured previously flying in economy leg room. So easy to loop over tray table brackets in both the stowed and open positions. This is a must-have for any flight."

Another said, "Well, you wouldn’t expect something like this to work … so I was pleasantly surprised. I sat in an economy seat on a plane to Europe … minimal space … The foot hammock allowed me to elevate my feet and sit comfortably. My daughter was next to me and was able to stretch out and sleep for a while using the hammock on my side. We will definitely use this item again for long-haul flights!"

"I have no idea how I managed to travel without these in the past," testified a third. "I usually have swelling when I fly. This helped remove any discomfort and allowed more space for my legs. With all of the traveling I do, this is a permanently packed item in my carry-on."

"I have more knee pain when I'm sedentary on long flights," said a final fan. "This helped alleviate that a lot, providing the option to switch between the floor and elevated. I can't decide if I'd prefer it to be stiffer or not so that my feet don't collide with one another, but that also may be an issue in packing. Overall, very very happy."

Do you dread the not-so-friendly skies? This contraption might well make you a (much more) frequent flyer.

$15 at Amazon

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