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I stopped using my Dior Lip Oil when I found this $11 dupe — grab it for over 25% off

The CoverGirl Clean Fresh Yummy Gloss is seriously nourishing, long-lasting and glossy.

There are few beauty staples that have gone as massively viral as the cult-favorite $40 Dior Lip Glow Oil — and the perennially sold-out product is still at the top of everyone's wishlist. It's nourishing and glossy without feeling tacky and sticky, leaving lips hydrated and moisturized. And the packaging is just as good as the formula.

As someone who once had four in their makeup bag, I can say that it's worth the hype. Well, mostly. I still get intense sticker shock from the $40 price tag.

One day, however, I forgot to pack a Dior lip oil for a trip and needed to find an alternative in a pinch. I wasn't near a Sephora or Nordstrom, so I went to the CVS around the corner and grabbed the $11 CoverGirl Clean Fresh Yummy Lip Gloss and hoped for the best. I fell in love at first swipe.

When I finally reunited with my beloved Dior lip oils, I found myself using my CoverGirl lip gloss more and more. And when my Dior lip oils turned decidedly less pink and more congeal-y, I decided I wasn't going to drop $40 on a lip oil again. I was — and still am — firmly loyal to the CoverGirl lip gloss.

Grab it on sale in 18 different colors!

$9 at Amazon
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$11 at Ulta

Why is this a good deal?

Even if you're not a prestige makeup lover, you know that the Dior lip oil costs, um, a lot of money for a lip gloss. Instead of dropping $40 for the popular product, the CoverGirl Clean Fresh Yummy Gloss is on sale for less than $10. That's close to a 75% price difference. Not only are you saving serious cash, you're getting an excellent product that's even better than the Dior lip oil.

If you want to get really granular, you get a lot more product with the CoverGirl Yummy Gloss (0.33 ounces) than you do with the Dior lip oil (0.2 ounces). Just saying!

Why do I need this?

Before I get called out, I am very much aware that the CoverGirl Clean Fresh Yummy Lip Gloss is a lip gloss and not a lip oil. But you need to trust me when I say it’s quite similar to the lip gloss-oil hybrid of the Dior lip oil.

Swiped on the lips, the CoverGirl Clean Fresh Yummy Lip Gloss is lusciously juicy, long-lasting, non-sticky and effortlessly colorful in a “no makeup makeup” kind of way. And it lasts so much longer than any other lip gloss and lip oil on the market.

While there are many wearable shades out there, I’m obsessed with the light pink shade Havana Good Time. It’s soft, shiny, subtle and pink — and I am nothing if not a pink-lover. Even though it is clearly a pigmented pink, The Havana Good Time shade is also neutral. Whether I’m aiming for an effortless beachy look or polished wedding guest, it works. I also use it to look magically put together for a last-minute Zoom meeting — even if I'm wearing pajama pants.

For comparison’s sake, I’ve found Havana Good Time similar to the Dior lip oil shade 001 Pink. Both of these light pink shades look excellent over pink lip balms and lipsticks but also pair well with any color lipstick.

I never leave home without my keys, my ID, my phone and my CoverGirl Yummy gloss.
I never leave home without my keys, my ID, my phone and my CoverGirl Yummy gloss. (Ulta)

What reviewers say

And I'm not the only one who feels this way, with one five-star Amazon reviewer saying that they "actually like this much better than my Clarins or Dior lip oil. Packing isn't luxe like Clarins or Dior BUT the product itself is better in my opinion."

Even more users agree, with one five-star reviewer sharing that it "definitely give the Dior lip oil a run for its money." Meanwhile, another reviewer calls it a "huge improvement" over Dior.

"I am a lip gloss fiend!!" one glossy customer shared. "This stuff is definitely yummy! It smells good, feels smooth and moisturizing and is a pretty sheer color. It is a pretty large size and the applicator is big. I like both those things. Definitely recommend this!"

Even the non-lip gloss lovers can't stop raving about the CoverGirl Clean Fresh Yummy Gloss.

"I'm not really much of a 'lip gloss girl' but I saw this and just had to try it," wrote one five-star reviewer who is officially a gloss convert. "I absolutely will buy another bottle of this lipgloss in another color because now I am a convert and a 'lip gloss girl,' in most part because I love this formula. It tastes great on, it isn't too sticky is just right for a more natural look."

However, if you're in the market for something seriously pigmented, one Amazon shopper says to look somewhere else. "It does last a long while, but it's so sheer the 'color' can hardly be seen. You need to wear lipstick under it for any real color."

So if you’re looking for an affordable alternative to the Dior lip oil or are just down to try a great new lip gloss, you can grab the CoverGirl Clean Fresh Yummy Lip Gloss at both Amazon and Ulta.

This lip gloss also makes my lips wildly kissable — just ask my fiancé!

$9 at Amazon
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$11 at Ulta

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