A Model Walked Around Half-Naked in Painted-on Pants and No One Even Noticed

I grew up just outside of Manhattan and my father always told me when I went with him into the city to never look up. He said that if you look up, you’ll immediately be labeled as a tourist. Because of this early lesson, to this day, I walk around New York City with blinders on, staring straight ahead until I reach my destination. Clearly, there are plenty of people just like me because as a new social experiment reveals, New Yorkers are oblivious.

Model Pranksters TV painted a woman’s legs to look like she was wearing jeans and then she walked around the streets of midtown. Body art company The Body Of Art did such a convincing job of making the model appear as if she has pants on, when in reality, she does not.

The brave lady, Leah Jung, rode the subway, strolled through Times Square, walked around the garment district, and even went shopping. While it’s surprising that no one notices that she’s bare down below, it’s even crazier that the paint doesn’t rub off when she’s making her way through the congested crowds of Times Square.

At Forever21, Jung asked a sales associate where she could get a similar pair super skinnies. “A friend of mine got me these jeans as a gift and she said she got them here,” she said. The employee, very up close and personal, responds, “You can check downstairs.” At McDonald’s, a little girl’s face is level with the model’s butt. It’s unclear whether she walks away because she’s the first one to actually notice the woman is naked (kids are extremely observant), or maybe her Happy Meal is just ready.

Funny enough, for April Fools’ Day in 2013 American Eagle released a prank promotional video advertising a spray-on jean that would be “contoured through the thigh, knee, and ankle… that fits like second skin.”

So even if the unspoken rule of the streets is to be blissfully unaware of your surroundings, maybe you should snap out of it every once in a while. You never know if the next viral stunt is walking right beside you.