The Hyperpigmentation Products I Swear By For Dark Skin - All at Sephora

Hyperpigmentation is the proper name for the splotchy dark spots I've been blessed with all my life (and I won't share the not-so-holy name I call them in private). Even if I haven't picked my pimples, I still get dots on my face after they settle down and, hell, even the area on my nose where my glasses rest has turned noticeably darker in the past.

This is actually very common for people of color and happens because of an increase in melanin production, which then results in visible darkness in the affected area. Sure, I can cover the little spots and larger patches with concealers, but I'd rather have something that isn't just hiding the problem spots until I wash my face again.

I'm hyper-cautious of products that promise to fade dark spots - which immediately makes me fear skin lightening - and always do a smaller spot test before slathering anything on my face (and would recommend this for any product, especially if you're sensitive). I've tried dozens of treatments over the years and culled this group of skin saviors that have evened out my complexion, no matter how big (or small) the danger zone is.

The most important thing I've learned is that most of these items take time to work and must be applied regularly. There have been some that I dismissed after a week or two because I didn't see a change . . . to then only see amazing results when used consistently for more than a month. Ahead are nine top products from Sephora to treat hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, and other dark spots on darker skin.

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