The Hype House Members Are Pissed AF That Their House Got Broken Into

Carolyn Twersky
Photo credit: tiktok/youtube
Photo credit: tiktok/youtube

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  • On Friday, Jenny Popach, her mom, and her friends reportedly broke into the old Hype House.

  • Apparently, they left the place trashed and may have even stolen some things, though they're denying it.

  • Now, the Hype House members are responding to the alleged break-in.

The Hype House is not pleased with Jenny Popach and her mom, Maria Ulacia, after they reportedly broke into the old Hype House with their friends on Friday. Many of the Hype House members spoke very candidly about the situation over the weekend and things got super awkward.

For some background, the Hype House moved out of their LA mansion earlier this month, but they're still paying rent on their old place. That's why they were super confused when a group of girls and one of their moms were at the house filming TikToks and going through their stuff.

Maria Ulacia and Jenny Popach, the mother and daughter involved, have denied that they broke in, saying a care taker let them in. They are also claiming they didn't steal anything.

When everything first went down, Chase Hudson tweeted, "So today I woke up, checked TikTok, and saw that a few girls along with their MOTHER broke into our old house, and also took MY clothes. This is beyond f*cking weird, how do people think this shit is okay?"

Later, Hype House member Nick Austin went live to watch Maria's initial video from the Hype House with his friends. When Maria says she's going to show off the things "that were left," Nick screams, "were left? We still live there!" He then reacts when she starts going through some "personal papers," saying "there's actual personal stuff on there."

Kouvr Annon made a TikTok video checking out the old house following the break in. She claims it was "deep cleaned" before they left and in the video, the place is trashed. She also said her tattoo gun is missing and she had a fish at the house that was on an "automatic feeder," and "the fish tank is now next to the toilet with no fish in it."

Ryland Storms made a similar TikTok showing off the messy house, claiming the girls took some of his drinks.

Connor Yates also showed off his room. He said the girls took his power chords, tried to take his TV, and messed with his mini fridge.

Calvin Goldby clarified that the Hype House is still paying rent on the house for another month. "Stop trespassing on our property," he said. "There's literally a gate for a reason."

Alex Warren made a similar plea in his latest YouTube video. "OK, so it sucks that I even have to say this, a mom and her daughter and a few friends trespassed to our old Hype House property," he said. "Parents who are watching this and maybe watching this with your kids, please. Please don't let them come to our house. Don't drive them here. I want you guys to know that I love you and I'm just kindly asking for respect and privacy."

Another member, Patrick Huston, claimed that his gecko was in the house and the girls "messed around with it." Luckily, he later confirmed that the gecko was safe, though it's unclear what actually happened to it.

Avani Gregg, meanwhile, spoke directly to Jenny. On a TikTok captioned, "just playing," Avani commented, "playing around with a lawsuit."

Tana Mongeau seemingly thinks a lawsuit is the way to go. "Take legal action on their wack asses," she wrote in response to the situation. "How violating...THAT’S A CRIME/breaking and entering since the lease was y’alls still...someone call the hype house lawyers stat luv x."

At this point, it's unclear if the Hype House is actually pressing charges.

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