Husky's Dramatic Request for the Front Door to Be Opened Is Downright Epic

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This man knows what he wants.

Huskies are not shy about making their demands known. They are very vocal dogs, and use this to their advantage by "talking" to their owners. One Husky executed this demand method perfectly in a viral video.

TikTok user @leo.husky recently shared a video of their Husky, Leo, talking to his mom. In the video, Leo wants the front door open, but since he can't open the door on his own, Leo lets his mom know in a conversation that is filled with howls, whines, and moans. Check out the video to hear what Leo had to say to his mom!

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OMG, this is one dramatic dog! The caption said that Leo wanted the front door open to see when his dad got home. We think this is a totally reasonable request for Leo to make!

People in the comments were shocked by how loud Leo is, even for a Husky! @imran.a.tkd said, "That’s the loudest Husky I’ve actually ever heard of," and @ryanazenzer commented, "Hitting all the notes." Leo is definitely not shying away from using the full power of his voice to get what he wants.

Others made some funny comparisons to what Leo sounds like. @tammy_ornelas1 commented, "Sounds like one of those emergency sirens in case of a disaster," and @lyracatalina said, "No animal has ever embodied my internal thoughts so well." We think Leo should go into voice acting and put those vocal cords to good use!

At the end of the video, Leo's mom asked him if he was done with his yelling. We think the best way to end the yelling is to give into Leo's request and open the front door so he can go on dad watch duty!