Husky Announcing Her Arrival at the Store Has Her Mom Completely Mortified

Being a Husky owner isn't for the weak. No, we're talking about their strength or athleticism. We're talking about their over-the-top diva ways. These adorable pups are downright drama queens. Like one Husky that had her mama so embarrassed when she made a scene at the store.

Taz and Ziko are pretty lucky, their owner works at a Maxi Zoo location in Denmark. Maybe that's why Taz seems completely free to announce her arrival to the whole store when they came by recently.

A video the Husky owner shared shows her entering the store with both dogs on their leashes. But it was only one of them that was itching to draw attention. The second that Taz made it through the electronic doors she caused a scene.

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"A-wooooooo," she howled. She held her howl for so long — they were already pretty far into the building when the footage cut out.

"GOOD MOOORNING I HAVE ARRIVED," the mama joked in the caption.

Thankfully, people in the comments section understood where the dog mom was coming from and didn't judge her in the slightest. "Everyone pay attention to me, I have arrived," wrote one person. "No one else in the store, husky: AWOWOWOWOOWO," someone else teased. "I can just imagine being SO confused if I were in the back of this store and couldn’t see what was going on," another commenter admitted. "Oh my god I would have turned around and left EMBARRASSED. Huskies are so funny," one woman shared.

Husky Personalities

Sadly, this is sort of par for the course with Huskies. These dogs look so steely and tough, but inside have more in common with a character on a soap opera. Part of their dramatic flair comes from their very vocal personalities. Not necessarily big on barking Siberian Huskies will let their feelings be known, whether that be through howls or yowls or other odd noises. Sometimes a Husky might make a noise for no reason at all.

These dogs sometimes have the reputation for being high maintenance, but that shouldn't stop you from adopting one. Huskies love being with their humans and have a great sense of humor too. They're adventurous and athletic, and provide tremendous company to someone with an active lifestyle.

And let's not forget that these guys can be funny. A Husky owner needs to have a good sense of humor — or a large tolerance for shame. Either way, Huskies can be a huge sense of comedic relief. After all, Taz's owner loves her no matter how much of a scene she makes.

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