Huski's Beer Cooler Is Better Than YETI and Brumate

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Huski’s Beer Cooler Is Better Than YETIBest Products; Courtesy Huski

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There’s nothing like a “cold one” no matter the season. Whether you’re a beer enthusiast or you’re shopping for one, it’s common knowledge that warm beer is, well, gross. Huski's Beer Cooler 2.0 keeps cold ones chilled and can fit any sized can in your fridge.

This cooler really crushes the competition (sorry YETI and Brumate). It’s made with corrosion-resistant and marine-grade stainless steel, and has triple insulation: double-walled, vacuum-insulated, and copper-lined. This means it’s built to last and really keep your drink cold.

The adjustable holder can fit cans and bottles of just about any size and the Push-Fit Flexilock Vented lid makes swapping out drinks fast and easy. The sides feature scalloped side panels that give the drinker a better and more comfortable grip.

Bonus: It comes with the perfect accessory — a 3-in-1 opener. Now, you can pop or twist off bottle caps and open can tabs with ease. When you’re done, store the opener securely at the base of your cooler. It also doubles as a tumbler, so you can pour drinks directly into it, too. No coaster? No worries! The stay-dry design prevents it from sweating.

We think this is a great gift for the beer lover in your life, too. If you have to get a gift eventually, now’s the time to get ahead with Huski’s cooler. It also comes packaged in an eco-friendly, 100%-recyclable presentation box (think: no stress or work needed for gift-wrapping). We’ll say “ale” yeah to that.

P.S. Huski makes a version for wine bottles, too.

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