Huskies' Over-the-Top Reactions to Human Sister Coming Home Are So On-Brand


If there’s one thing we all know about Huskies, it’s that they love to howl. Now, imagine the howling times three. That’s the daily scenario that goes down when Tikanni, Kita, and Tehya know that their sister is on her way home.

Their trio of howls sound like an ambulance! On the TikTok posted, they even include ambulance and siren emojis in the description.

The funniest thing happens when their sister finally returns home. The entire room grew silent as she peered into the door. Where did all of their excitement go?!

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This video is hilarious and is very similar to a lot of videos out there of dogs waiting for their people to return home. It’s undoubtedly a lot louder, though!

We can’t imagine hearing this every day. It’s enough to invest in some ear plugs for sure, but at this point, the Husky parents are probably well used to it.

Hopefully the Husky alarms stop sounding when the girl gets in the door. It seems that they might, so that’s good for the sake of everyone’s ears.

These three Huskies are so adorable despite their noise making abilities. The family has one in every color: brown, light gray and black. This over-the-top reaction is so on-brand for Huskies, which are a very energetic and excitable dog breed.

These pooches look really loved and well-cared for. Their fluffy coats are all brushed out and they look great!

If this is an everyday occurrence in the household, the daughter is probably very well used to it by now. She looked surprisingly into the door’s window, though.

This girl must have so much fun playing with her Huskies at home. Having a youngster around dogs is great because they can play together. It’s clear that these Huskies really love their sister, and we’re sure she does too.

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