Husband's Reaction to Being Surprised With His Dream Dog Is the Best

He couldn't believe his eyes!

Dogs can bring immeasurable joy to their paw-rents' lives, even when they've only known one another for a few seconds. This precious mixed-breed puppy is the perfect proof! He had the perfect reaction to meeting his dad for the first time, and we're simply obsessed. 

The best part about this heartwarming scene is that this new dog dad wasn't expecting a thing. His wife, @patrycjapata7, brought the adorable mutt home as a surprise for him--but the instant connection between dog and dad wasn't surprising at all! 

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OMG--pass the tissues, please! The genuine shock and elation from Patrycja's husband is the sweetest thing, though our hearts absolutely melted when baby Simba started wagging his tail. Pups are just the best!

"They are so pure," wrote commenter @pjdw. "Never met him and yet tail wags immediately." Isn't it the most precious thing? Simba just can't hide his excitement, even if he'd never seen this person before. He must've been able to sense how much his dad loved him already, too! 

Viewer @petraellen1 agrees, "that is what love at first sight looks like." You've got that right! Patrycja knows how smitten her husband is with this little one--no wonder she posted the video nearly 3 years later! Yep--you read that correctly. Simba is all grown up now!

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He's such a beautiful boy! We can't get enough of Simba and his family, and it all began with the world's sweetest surprise.

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