Husband ‘uncomfortable’ with wife’s band posters: ‘Eyes of emo men following me’

Husband defended for feeling ‘uncomfortable’ with wife’s band posters  (Getty Images/Mint Images RF)
Husband defended for feeling ‘uncomfortable’ with wife’s band posters (Getty Images/Mint Images RF)

Every child has had the experience of putting posters up on their walls of their favorite celebrities and musicians. But in most cases, they outgrow the trend.

In a recent Reddit post shared to the popular “Am I The A**hole?” forum, a husband revealed that in his five-year marriage to his wife, only one thing has come up that bothers him, her band posters hung up in their room.

“She has always been a huge fan of a lot of rock bands, particularly emo bands. This by itself doesn’t bother me at all, in fact I love the music too and we go to concerts together all the time. What bothers me is that she has posters of these bands tacked up everywhere around our house,” his post read.

The posters have also expanded to the couple’s bedroom, where the husband mentioned there was not “a single inch of wall space” that wasn’t covered in the posters.

“Everywhere I go, everything I do, there are always eyes of a hundred emo men following me around,” the Reddit post continued. “It sounds stupid, and it probably is to be honest, but I don’t think I can stand another night’s sleep feeling like I am being watched constantly. I don’t want to be ‘watched’ by the members of My Chemical Romance or Taking Back Sunday or 21 pilots.”

He wrote that he had previously asked his wife if any of the posters could be moved or taken down, but she refused. “She gets really offended and mad at me so I just left it behind. But it’s getting hard to handle,” the Reddit post concluded before asking to see what everyone else’s opinions were.

After posting, many people decided to take to the comments section to defend him, claiming that the posters should be going in a place that is more solely declared as the wife’s space and not in a space like a bedroom where both of them actively spend time.

“This isn’t a teenage bedroom, or a cheap house share - the OP and his wife are in their 30s,” one comment began. “It’s not reasonable to have band posters up on the walls in the way that the OP describes, either in their shared bedroom or in areas where guests might be hosted.”

“A good compromise might be that the OP’s wife can choose a few of the nicer posters in good condition, get them framed, and put those up. Or if they have the space for her to have an ‘emo den’ the posters could be restricted to one room that the OP doesn’t have to go in.”

Another commenter agreed, writing: “It’s fine for her to have some posters of the bands she loves on the walls, but the house (and the bedroom) is yours as well, and you get a say in the decor as well. It’s not like you asked her to take down all of them - just some of them. This is a reasonable compromise.”

“She has to grow up and learn to compromise,” a third commenter said about the Reddit poster’s wife. “She can have one room to decorate with the posters and if she wants to decorate the bedroom, it’s one wall only. That gives you free space so you don’t feel so suffocated.”