Hurricane Franklin Sends Pumping Surf to East Coast (Watch)

Dueling storms are hitting the East Coast, Franklin and Idalia.

And while, for most folks, that would mean batten down the hatches, get outta town, and pray for the best – for some surfers, though, these storms also mean waves.

First up, Franklin, which has sent pumping surf to North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

The clip above comes from the OBX, and features Virginia Beach surfer Michael Dunphy on an absolutely dreamy drainer – not huge, but just about as clean as it gets.

With realtime updates from Surfline, they reported:

#HurricaneFranklin update:

“‘Wednesday morning was much, much different,’ said photographer @mikeleechphoto . ‘I was expecting something like the day before, and I walked over the dunes to see peeling right after peeling right after peeling right… I had to make the most of it before duty called at 9am. Everyone was beyond stoked. After a long summer, we finally got tubes at home.’

‘SE swells are always a toss-up for us, so I try to lower the expectations,” adds local legend Jesse Hines. “We found a wave early and instead of driving the whole island in search of the perfect peak, we went bird in hand. It turned out to be super fun and it got better through the morning. It felt good to get pitted again!’”

It wasn’t just the OBX, either; Florida got a piece of the action, too, as Surfline noted:

“Florida was the early winner Tuesday morning, offering up peaky corners as the tide dropped. Further up the coast started to see some fun surf as the energy filled in as well.”

Next up, stay tuned for more action from Idalia…in the Gulf…ahem, Alabama.


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