Hurricane Delta Intensifies Amid Approach of U.S. Gulf Shore

In a 2020 hurricane season characterized by record-breaking storm numbers, Hurricane Delta stands out. Delta is on its way toward becoming one of the fastest-intensifying hurricanes in history, leveling up from a tropical depression to a hurricane in less than 24 hours. As of Tuesday morning, it currently stands as a Category 2 hurricane and is expected to reach Category 3 or 4 by the time it reaches the U.S. Gulf shore later in the week. There is widespread consensus among experts that the climate crisis is increasing the frequency and destructive potential of many natural disasters. Rising sea levels and warmer ocean temperatures have been found to increase a hurricane’s intensity. 2020 has been an historic Atlantic hurricane season. Delta is now the 25th named storm on the year. That’s the second most all time, behind only 2005's 27 named storms, and only the second time NOAA has had to resort to Greek letters for late season storms after running through the human-naming convention. Delta is also coming 44 days earlier than 2005's 25th named storm, Tropical Storm Gamma. This video "Hurricane Delta Intensifies Amid Approach of U.S. Gulf Shore ", first appeared on