The 'Only Murders In the Building' S3 Trailer Cured My Seasonal Depression

only murders in building
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This story contains spoilers for the Season Two finale of Only Murders in the Building.

Does anyone else suffer from seasonal depression in the summer? It's hot! Too many people wear sandals—who shouldn't wear sandals! No sports are on TV! (Except for the USWNT—go red, white, 'n' blue.) Just me? OK.

In that case, I guess this statement is just for me. My summer slump has been cured, thanks to the brand-new trailer for Only Murders In the Building Season Three. Friends, family, podcasters: it's delightful. Mabel, Charles, and Oliver are back in the murder-podcasting game, investigating the sudden collapse of Paul Rudd's character, Ben, at the debut of Oliver's Broadway play. Poor Oliver can never catch a break in the theater. Ben definitely isn't a fan of Meryl Streep's mystery character, calling her a... stinkarooni. Gasp! We also meet Ashley Park's TikTok-famous suspect, who clearly exists just to prompt Charles-and-Oliver-don't-speak-Gen-Z gags. I love it.

As you might have taken away from the final moments of the Only Murders in the Building Season Two finale, the show (and therefore, murders) must go on. If Paul Rudd's character is dead, then who did the murder? Well, that's for our favorite podcasters to figure out. And don't worry! Rudd didn't just show up at the end of Season Two to lie dead the whole next season. “After making an auspicious entrance into the world of our show at the end of Season Two as Ben Glenroy, [Paul Rudd] is someone we clearly want to know more about and see in our upcoming Season Three—as he is a clear source of many upcoming questions and, as ever with our show, many twists yet to come!” series co-creator John Hoffman told Variety back in August.

Only Murders in the Building is the true crown jewel of our slate,” Hulu Originals and ABC Entertainment president Craig Erwich said in a statement this past July about the series' return. “Its appeal across generations, the intersection of humor and heart, and its truly original approach are a hallmark of and testament to [executive producers] Dan [Fogelman], John [Hoffman], Steve [Martin], Marty [Short] and Selena [Gomez’s] work. We are grateful to be able to continue telling the stories of Charles, Oliver, and Mabel to viewers that have consistently shown us they crave more of this story.”

What about the show's future past Season Three? Well, Hoffman seems to have thoughts about that, too. When Variety asked him if the series would be a nine-season comedy, he exclaimed, "God knows! Agatha Christie wrote a lot of books! There’s a great tradition of many volumes and many seasons around murder mystery. There’s a wink to all of that, like The Hardy Boys, that we introduced right at the beginning. There’s always a mystery to be solved somewhere."

Cue the opening credits song.

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