Hulu's Black Friday Deal Feels Too Good to Be True

hulu black friday 2023
Hulu's Black Friday Deal Feels Too Good to Be TrueSOPA Images

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Apparently, this year's hottest Black Friday deal comes courtesy of Hulu. Forget this week's marked-down clothing, gift ideas, and Pioneer Woman cookware—heck, we're tempted to tell you to stop shopping in general! Why would you spend money on something new when you could reinvest in a product you already have?

Allow us to explain. For Black Friday, Hulu lowered its monthly subscription from $7.99 to just 99 cents. (That's $12 a year per person!) Unfortunately, this is only for the basic tier—which includes advertisements. If you'd like to fully immerse yourself in a commercial-free streaming experience, then you'll have to pay a bit more. But if you don't mind a Tide commercial or plea from ASPCA interrupting your program, then this deal might be for you.

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As much as we love a good discount, we wonder what the Hulu executives were thinking when they made this one. In offering cheap subscriptions to new customers, they've created an out for anyone who's already subscribed. If you're cool with watching a commercial or two, what's stopping you from cancelling your account and creating a new one for a discount? Does Hulu really believe customers will continue paying the original subscription price in good faith?

If Hulu wants to give out near-free subscriptions, let them! Create an account for yourself, then snag a few for your friends and family, too. You can watch all the best shows on Hulu and their library of best movies. All you have to do is sign up before November 28.

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