Huh? Here's What 'ICYMI' Means on Social Media

ICYMI on social media

When you scroll through Instagram and TikTok, it's normal to be met with various acronyms and abbreviations (frequently championed by Gen Z). But sometimes, it can all get a little confusing—to say the least. From terms like ATP and SWMBO to DNI and ICYMI, we've come a long way from the basics of LOL and BRB. So, what is ICYMI's meaning, exactly?

Whether you're wondering what it stands for, how to pronounce it or how to use ICYMI in a text message, I've got you covered.

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What Is the Full Meaning of 'ICYMI'?

What does ICYMI mean? ICYMI stands for "in case you missed it." Generally, you'll use this term either in a social media caption writing about a life update of some sort, or in a text message to a loved one with a photo, link or video that corresponds with something they typically follow or care about.

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How Do You Pronounce 'ICYMI'?

So, ICYMI is definitely used more in writing than in speaking, but it's a valid question to wonder how it would be pronounced out loud. As Merriam-Webster explains: "We're not aware of anyone trying to pronounce ICYMI as a word – which might sound something like \EYE-see-mee\ or \ISS-uh-mee\." 

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Examples of How To Use 'ICYMI'

As I've said, there are a couple of different ways that ICYMI is typically used in messages and in various apps. Here are some examples of how to use ICYMI:

  • OK family and friends: ICYMI, I'm starting a new career path.

  • ICYMI—I wanted to send over the professor's latest direction.

  • Here's the family photo I just posted, ICYMI.

  • AHHH ICYMI can you believe she just released a new single?!

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