Huge News: We're Launching a New Clothing Line—Here's Your Sneak Peek

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We’ve been sitting on a secret, and we’re thrilled the time has come to finally share with you. We’re so proud to announce that we’re launching a brand-new clothing line called Who What Wear Collection on Thursday August 5 that you can shop exclusively on! After many surveys, polls, and DMs with you all (PS: If you want to sign up to help co-create our line, we’d love to have your input), we have a handle on what you’re missing in your shopping experience. Who What Wear Collection fills a certain white space in the online shopping world. It is a combination of trend-relevant design, intentional pricing, and quality that feels investment-worthy but doesn’t hit your wallet like one. It’s dreamed up by our fashion editors, who, just like you, are always in search of the perfect thing. Ahead of the launch, we thought we’d share a sneak peek of the line and some of our favorite aspects of the collection. Before we dive in though, make sure to follow us on Instagram @whowhatwearcollection and sign up for texts and our newsletter. Word on the street is something sweet is coming to our subscribers the day before launch.

Just what is trend-ish? Well, it’s trend aware but not too trendy. It’s clothing that feels of the moment but has longevity for seasons to come. Our editors are trend-forecasting wizards; they’ll see a trend coming from miles away and are able to tell off the bat whether it’s one worth investing in or a flash in the pan.

They help shape the collection and inform exactly which trends and It items should be designed into. The end result is pieces that refresh your current wardrobe and are just classic enough to grow with your ever-evolving style.

We know online shopping can be a lot. That’s why our editorial stories are all about cutting through the noise and sourcing the best. Naturally, we applied the same sentiment to our new brand.

Any shopping-obsessed person can relate to the strange compulsion to click through every single page of product. Twenty pages deep, it can start to feel overwhelming and chaotic, so we wanted to create a shopping experience that’s just what you’re looking for and nothing extra. We’re launching with just 27 styles, and our edited-out-of-the-gate assortment means we believe in each and every one of them.

We like to think that high-quality, trend-forward pieces and fair prices shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. We want our brand to feel like, look like, and wear like an investment, which is why we’ve partnered with some of the same factories as luxury houses.

Part of our fabric philosophy also means we source with intention. Across the e-commerce site, you’ll see styles that are marked as locally made, plant-derived, and organic. From our perspective, putting care into our material sourcing translates into pieces that will stay in your wardrobe for many years to come. Essentially, we feel really good about our fabrics and hope you love them, too.

Stay tuned for our big launch on August 5. Until then, get updates on our Instagram @whowhatwearcollection and by signing up for our texts and newsletter.

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