3 Ways to Wear a Crop Top

·Editorial Assistant

The crop top has popped up everywhere this season from DKNY to Chanel, where Cara Delevigne wore an abbreviated turtleneck sweater under a matching pink coat. Surprisingly the look was luxurious than lady of the night.  What was once known as the infamous belly shirt has been classed up this season. And this new crop of crop tops are exceedingly versatile. You just need to know how to work it into your wardrobe. We tried out this Levi’s knitted top for three different scenarios.


Levi’s Cropped Vest (worn throughout), $68, levi.comThe Row Splittable Double Faced Wool Coat, $5,390, net-a-porter.comThe Row Splittable Double Faced Wool Pant, $2,090, barneys.comClare V Madeleine Petit in Black Amalfi, $492, clarev.com

1. For a comfortable, weekend vibe, the crop top can be worn with an open coat and leggings or form-fitted sweatpants that will get you from point A to point B with ease and comfort.


Cheap Monday Second Skin Jeans in Stonewash Blue, $75, zappos.comBand of Outsiders Black Loafer Flat with Bowtie, $425, shopbob.comSwash Wild Things Arctic Printed Cardigan, $750, barneys.com

2. Even appropriate for a business-casual look, a crop top can be worn with high-waisted pants (as to not be too revealing), and a blazer jacket.  Here, worn with penny-loafers, to inject a little academia into the look.


Crippen Leather Culottes, $1,595, crippen-la.comChelsea Paris Black Suede and Calfskin Ankle-Tie Izzy Boots, $359, barneys.comClare V Flat Clutch in Black Pebble, $198, clarev.com

3. Incorporate your crop top in a look that can be worn for a fun night out. Style it with a pair of sleek leather trousers or a skirt.  And of course, a great pair of heels!

Photography, Taea Thale
Styling, Tatum Pia
Modeling, Darla Baker
Hair Styling, Tiffani Patchett
Makeup, Hiro Yonemoto