How to Travel Like a Victoria's Secret Model

Sure, we look this good when we travel too. (Photo: Thinkstock)

Victoria’s Secret models are known for looking perfect at all times, and Angel Doutzen Kroes is no different. Though we will probably never look quite as good as she does in underwear, we can take her tips on how to look as model-esque as possible while traveling.

We snagged Doutzen to talk travel tips now before she heads off to London for this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

1. Use a BB cream.

The trick to looking refreshed after a long plane ride is to use some form of BB cream, which stands for “blemish balm.” I put it on when we are landing, before I step off. It’s like a moisturizer, but it still gives you a little bit of coverage, so you look refreshed, and it’s fast. In general, I always travel with a moisturizer, the BB cream, and a hairbrush.

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2. No heels on the plane.

To look fashionable but stay comfortable while traveling I wear Rick Owens sweatpants and a Rick Owens cardigan. Isabel Marant also has cute sweatpants. H&M is also worth checking out for fashionable sweats. Mix and match the high-end stuff with the low end. I never wear heels. I always wear cool sneakers.

Heels are strictly catwalk only. (Photo: Thinkstock)

3. Pack your own food.

To maintain my diet when I’m traveling, I buy a salad in the airport before I get on the plane.

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4. Bring workout DVDs.

To maintain my workout regimen, I have routines I can do in my room. At home I practice Ballet Beautiful, and the trainer actually does videos and DVDs, so I’ll do that when I can’t see her. She does Skype as well, so it’s really easy to maintain my normal routine.

5. Don’t wear makeup.

My biggest don’t when it comes to traveling is not to wear makeup on the flight. Go for a completely natural face, not even mascara, to protect yourself from breakouts.

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6. Use room service.

The main thing I look for in a hotel is their room-service options, so I don’t have to cook. It’s important to just sit in bed, watch a movie, and order pizza. You have to take the time to relax!

7. Zone out on the plane.

I use my time on the plane to zone out. I have my iPad, and I watch movies. I don’t really read. I like to watch a movie or fall asleep watching a movie. It’s my time to be calm.

8. Don’t overpack.

I think the biggest mistake people make is bringing too many options when it comes to their clothing. It’s really hard to do. I have one pair of boots, one pair of flats, and one pair of heels when I’m on holiday.

9. Choose a few key pieces.

There are a few staples to travel with that will have you covered for almost any situation. Bring jeans, T-shirts, and pumps, and you should be set. I’m very basic, actually, so that’s all I need. I’m bad when it comes to the actual packing of my clothes. I throw everything in my bag, and I don’t fold. I do everything at the last minute. Once I get to the hotel, I hang the clothing on a hanger, and I steam things in the bathroom.

10. Stay calm.

My biggest piece of advice when traveling is to stay calm. Don’t get yourself wound up about anything — just relax and go with the flow. Don’t stress.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will air on Dec. 9 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

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