WATCH: A New Way to Pack a Carry-on Bag Like a Pro

If you’ve ever struggled with packing your carry-on suitcase, we’ve found a new way to pack. It’s called bundle wrapping, and yes, we love it.

Bundle wrapping is a technique that involves the careful wrapping of clothes around a central core object, thus avoiding the folds that cause wrinkles. Add that to the tension created by the wrapping process and poof! No more wrinkles.

Yes, you can pack a carryon like a pro (Photo: Thinkstock)

1. First, you’ll need an object that will form the core of the bundle. We’ve wrapped our undergarments in a T-shirt (as seen in the video). This is known as the undergarment bundle.

2. Clothing is wrapped in a particular order so that your more tailored and wrinkle-prone items end up on the outside of the bundle.

3. Take your jacket or blazer and lay it out flat on your working surface, face-down. All other garments will be placed face-up.

4. After all of your items are placed, wrap each piece completely around your undergarment bundle before you move on to the next item.

5. Voilà! A bundle-rito!

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