Looking for Love? Here's How to Find it on Vacation


From left: Annie Daly, Yahoo Travel; dating coach Tracey Steinberg; Faye Brennan, Love & Sex Editor at Women’s Health, and Yahoo Editor Brittany Jones-Cooper (Photo: Yahoo)

Every week, our “Love on the Road” column profiles people who went on vacation and came back with the best souvenir: love. Because of the unlikely scenarios that bring the couples together, these stories are often well-received by our readers. For us, it’s always fun to remind people that love usually happens when you least suspect it.

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Yahoo Travel recently held an event at the Story space in Chelsea, New York, with three 15-minute panels discussing the power of travel. Editor Brittany Jones-Cooper hosted the discussion on finding love on the road, which centered on two important questions: How do you find love on vacation? And if you do find love, does it make sense to continue that relationship once you return home?

Watch: Relationship expert Tracey Steinberg explains the importance of using your brain when when finding love on the road.

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