Showered with riches! How much does it cost to recreate these famous screen bathrooms?

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Have you ever started to wonder if you could shower like Carrie in SATC? Wonder no longer...(Image: Associated Press)

When you're planning any kind of home makeover, you find yourself taking inspiration from everywhere, including your favourite films and TV shows. New research from Victorian Plumbing takes things one step further, doing the hard work for you by estimating how much it would cost to replicate some iconic on-screen bathrooms. 

The grand Gryffindor bathroom from the Harry Potter films is the most expensive on the list, at £6,096.74 - though we imagine the addition of magic is somewhat priceless. 

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The cheapest fictional bathroom, however, is that bathroom from Trainspotting, at £99.95. We really don't recommend you try replicating that one at home...

So, will you recreate any of these famous bathrooms? Here's all the practical and financial information you need to know...

Carrie Bradshaw's bathroom from Sex and The City: £1129.30

SATC bathroom
Will you recreate Carrie's New York bathroom? (Image: Victorian Plumbing)

For many people, the interior of Carrie Bradshaw's rent-controlled Manhattan brownstone apartment will be almost as familiar as the inside of their own flat or house. Will we ever understand how she could afford it, plus an extensive designer wardrobe, off the back of a fee for a single weekly column? 

Of course we won't. But at least we now know how much it would cost to recreate her - fairly simple and neutral - bathroom for ourselves. Luckily, it's relatively inexpensive, though your biggest expenditure will be on a mirrored cabinet for around £300. 

The Simpsons bathroom: £745.85

The Simpsons' bathroom vibe is surprisingly fashionable. (Image: Victorian Plumbing)

Ok, so you can't actually recreate a cartoon bathroom. But emulating the style of the famous yellow family's suburban Springfield bathroom comes in at a pleasingly affordable £745.85. 

What's more, the bright green colourway is currently bang on trend. We like the idea of the luxury glass shelf, for £17.97, to display your toiletries in style. 

Monica's bathroom from Friends: £1747.57

Could it BE any more tempting to recreate Monica's purple bathroom? (Image: Victorian Plumbing)

With its distinctive mauve walls, Monica and Rachel's flat in Friends is one of the most instantly recognisable TV sets of all time - and their bathroom is no exception. 

You can recreate the look for a reasonably modest £1747.57 but you'll need to splash out around £600 on a claw-foot, free standing bath - the kind of tub now beloved by expensive, hip hotels everywhere. It's up to you if you decide to emulate Monica's towel system, however, featuring 11 different categories of towels. 

The bathroom from Pretty Woman: £5013.07

pretty woman
It would be a BIG mistake not to cost up this bathroom before recreating it. Huge. (Image: Victorian Plumbing)

Anybody who has seen Pretty Woman will know the scene where Julia Roberts sings along to Prince in a huge, circular bath in the middle of an ornate hotel bathroom. 

Unsurprisingly, it's one of the more expensive bathrooms to replicate, coming in at £5013.07. Do you need to 'splash' out over £60 for a vintage gold soap basket? Probably not, but if you want it, it will look fabulous. 

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