Get in on the Hottest Halloween Trend of the Year With These On-Point Squid Game Costumes

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What do we want? Squid Game Halloween costumes! When do we want them? Now! Seriously though, the people have spoken and Netflix's latest breakout original series is causing quite a stir—by dominating our TVs, but also by causing an undeniable Halloween trend.

The best part, of course, is that dressing up as a character from Squid Game isn't all that elaborate. At most, you need a tracksuit, a mask, and those token Vans sneakers. Actually, Vans are proof of the Squid Game effect. According to Variety, sales of simple, white slip-on Vans have spiked 7,800 percent since the series first debuted.

Whether that's because it's a timeless wardrobe staple or because everyone is planning to dress up as Squid Game characters this October 31st, we can't officially say. Still, it doesn't seem like a coincidence. If you're interested in rocking a Squid Game Halloween costume, check out our best picks below.

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Best Squid Game Halloween Costumes

Squid Game Player Costume (Green), $47.79-$75.40 on Amazon

Though you may have a favorite Squid Game player, most of them wear the same teal tracksuit, so you can pretty much get away with being anybody from the cast. (Although different characters have different numbers patched on). Pair it with these classic white vans ($49.99) that you'll wear long past Halloween.

Squid Game Player Costume (Red), $39.90 on Amazon

Also available on Amazon are Squid Game Player jumpsuits in red. It's up to you if you want to stick to the classic teal, but the red player is another viable Halloween costume option.

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Squid Game Guard Jumpsuit Costume, $37.49-$59.99 on Amazon

If you don't want to dress like a player, go for a guard. Their look is relatively simple to recreate for Halloween this year: all you need is a mask and a red full-body jumpsuit. Of course, different guards have different markers on their masks (square, circle, or triangle), so you have a few options to choose from.

Squid Game Guard Mask (Square), $12.98 on Amazon

Do you dare pick the square?

Squid Game Guard Mask (Circle), $16.99 on Amazon

Circle, circle, dot, dot.

Squid Game Guard Mask (Triangle), $12.98 on Amazon

Last but certainly not least, you can opt for the triangle Squid Game Guard Mask.

Red Light, Green Light Girl Yellow Shirt, $23.99-$25.99 on Amazon

To achieve the docile-yet-somehow-eery look of the Red Light, Green Light Girl, you'll need a few staples you can quickly put together. First: a collared yellow shirt.

Red Light, Green Light Girl Orange Dress, $19.99 on Amazon

The Red Light, Green Light Girl also layers a bright orange dress over her collared yellow shirt.

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Red Light, Green Light Girl Knee-Highs, $9.99 on Amazon

You can't forget her creepy knee-highs!

Red Light, Green Light Girl Black Mary Jane Shoes, $31.95-$32.95 on Amazon

And of course, to complete the Red Light, Green Light Girl ensemble, you'll need innocent-looking black Mary Janes. But don't be fooled by her—though she appears harmless enough, she's ruthless.

Front Man Mask, $12.98 on Amazon

Masks are a true staple of this show's wardrobe, so in true Squid Game fashion, you could also dress as the Front Man. He wears a standard, multi-dimensional black mask but you could also take things up a notch by throwing on a peacoat and some black leather gloves, or this three-piece set includes the mask trench coat, pants, and mask ($24.99-$36.99).

VIP Tiger Mask, $30 on Etsy

Don't want to be a main character from the show? No worries! The background VIPs have costumes that are just as cool. The VIP Tiger Mask is the perfect example—just pair it with a suit and tie and voilà, an easy Squid Games Halloween costume.

VIP Lion Mask, $8.20 on Etsy

The other VIP option is the Lion Mask. You can also pair this printable mask with a suit and be sure to act real haughty as you make bets on your Squid Game players.

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