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'No more messy car': These mini trash cans fit in the cup holder — grab two for $9 right now

What is it?

If this product were art, it would be titled Trash Cans in Miniature. And honestly? They're kind of the perfect size. If you examine the main culprits of the clutter in your vehicle, we can take a relatively educated guess that it consists of receipts and straw wrappers. Instead of letting those miscellaneous messes make their way into the space between your seats or the floor, toss them into one of these appropriately-sized Hotor Car Trash Cups — on sale now for $9 for the pair.

This pack comes with two pint-sized trash receptacles — for just $4.50 each. 

$13 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

We all dream of having a nice, clean vehicle, but it's a hard practice to put into action. This $9 duo gives you all you need to keep your car cleaner. Since it comes with two, you can keep one in the front and one in the back, or maybe gift one to a clutterbug friend. Right now, they're 40% off the normal purchase price.

Why do I need this?

Trash naturally makes its way into the cup holder. Why not intentionally toss it there, but in a designated space? This compact car gadget is just 3.4 by 6.5 inches in size. It has a pop-up lid so that you can throw away your trash and close it in. This means you won't have to look at any trash, and you don't have to smell it, either.

The internal liner is disposable, so you can easily toss it out when done. Thirty extra bags are included. They're durable too, so you don't have to worry about items tearing through or spilling. And when the trash cup does eventually get dirty, it's easy to clean. Simply wipe it down. You can even rinse the lid off, if needed.

hotor car trash cup
This cup holder trash can is the organization solution you didn't know you needed. (Photo: Amazon)

What reviewers say

Some 3,300 five-star fans couldn't be happier with this wee trash bin.

"We have three little kids, so that makes a pretty significant mess in the car on long trips. These were a game changer on vacation! Our kids actually asked for the garbage cans because they are fun for them to open and close, so they wanted to put the trash in them. The additional bags included are great. Yes, these are small cans, they're supposed to be. They fit in cupholders. They won't hold drive-thru bags, but candy wrappers, tissues, etc., got right in there. Pro tip: After you use all of the provided extra bags and start to panic, go to your local park or a store (or Amazon) and grab some doggy poop bags, they work in them too!" said one happy parent.

(Note: You can also pick up dedicated mini Hotor liner refills.)

"No more messy car," declared another fan. "I had this pile building up in my cup holder. But now this mini trash can sits perfectly in that spot and hides all my trash. Seems like it is well made, and my car is much cleaner now. If you have a messy car with wrappers then this is a no brainer. It’s cheap and perfect."

"Why haven't I gotten one of these before?" asked another driver. "My husband has a habit of putting wrappers, receipts, and all kinds of trash into my car's cup holder and driver's door when he drives my car. Then he leaves it in my car! I've tried everything to break the habit. I finally decided to stop fighting it and just giving him a place to put the trash. This little cup trashcan does what it needs to do. It's sturdy, it takes a liner (doggy poop bags fit perfectly), it only requires one hand to open."

"I got this for my car but because it came with two, I use one in my car and one for my crafting area! It’s really convenient for me to have especially in my car! I always have straw wrappers to throw away and receipts, and this just keeps everything so much more tidy! I wish it came in pink, but that’s probably the only thing I dislike about it," wrote one five-star fan.

Don't just toss your trash into the cup holder — toss it into the cup holder trash can

$13 at Amazon

Prefer something a bit larger? Check out the Hotor Car Trash Can.

A very popular big brother to the trash cup, this leakproof receptacle attaches to your headreast or console. You might even use this as an in-car organizer for accessories and other supplies.

Save $6 with coupon
$8 at Amazon

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