Hot Spot: The Springs in Los Angeles


If you live in Los Angeles or have been here to visit, you know that it can take a lot to make you get in your car to drive to another part of town. Some things are worth the trek though and for this Westside girl, The Springs in Downtown LA is one of them. The Springs is a one stop shop for renewing, relaxing, and losing those few extra pounds. It’s a well-being playground housed in a giant warehouse that looks like it just stepped out of your last issue of Dwell magazine. Here’s what they have to offer:

The line-up of treatments here are so unique you’ll have a hard time choosing which one you want. I went with the hot/cold jade stone massage on my last visit. My massage therapist, Sariyah, placed a combination of stones on different areas of my body along with massaging me with the stones themselves. I was in shock by how relaxed I was. The combination of hot and cold was out of this world. The Springs also offers colonics and acupuncture.

The yoga studio. (Photo: The Springs)

The creative and unique yoga studio space, complete with wall mural, will immediately put you at ease. The studio offers yoga, meditation, sound healings and other unique events that help with your mind-body balance. Check the schedule online to find the right class for you.

Housed in a giant warehouse. (Photo: The Springs)

Infrared Sauna
If yoga isn’t your thing, you can have your workout done for you with the infrared sauna. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? A 30-minute session in the dry heat sauna not only helps to rid your body of environmental toxins, but it can also burn upwards of 600 calories. As an added bonus, a session is great for de-stressing and relaxing the body.

The juice bar. (Photo: The Springs)

The Juice Bar
After yoga class and a stint in the sauna, it’s easy to work up quite an appetite. The Springs stunning cafe offers a full menu of all organic, raw, and vegan fare along with organic and biodynamic wines. The chef believes salads are a full vegan meal so the half-portions here are big enough for one. They also have a full juice and smoothie bar. I recommend the Big Dipper smoothie—it’s so delectable, you’ll almost forget it’s good for you too.

The Springs, 608 Mateo Street, Los Angeles CA 90021, 213-223-6226


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