Hot mic picks up bride’s embarrassingly ‘crass’ joke to groom at the altar

A groom’s microphone captured his bride’s coarse joke at the altar, and now, the viral footage is giving people secondhand embarrassment.

Posted to the subreddit r/funny, the hilarious hot mic moment quickly gained over 73,000 upvotes and 2,000 comments.

Now, much like the hot mic that picked up a best man’s ‘disrespectful’ remarks about a bridesmaid, this footage is serving as a stark reminder to wedding guests: always check for mics before making your next joke!

Posted under the title, “He knows he chose the right one,” the Reddit post quickly gained its place in the r/funny forum.

In the video, the bride and groom stand before one another, smiling big, probably posing for their wedding photos.

Gazing sweetly into her husband’s eyes, the bride whispers, “Excited to lose your virginity tonight?”

The groom reels back in shock as the bride laughs, adding, “Just kidding!”

“I have a mic!” he loudly declares, clutching at the microphone on his tuxedo lapel. “That’s always going to be enshrined in our wedding video!”

The bride cracks up, as the wedding videographer calls out, “It’s OK, I can take it out.” (Spoiler: He did not.)

“I just made a crass joke, I’m sorry,” the bride confesses to those in earshot of the cringey but hilarious moment.

Thousands of Redditors weighed in on the funny wedding moment.

“Hahaha this is adorable,” one user wrote.

“That’s some NSFW wholesome joking around by the bride. She’s a keeper,” another user commented.

Other Redditors shared intimate moments from their own wedding that cracked them up.

“Ha, on my wedding day, I didn’t have the mic but the photographer said ‘say something funny to your wife for a small laugh.’ Of course I went with ‘I can see down your top.’ it will forever be our favourite wedding photo!” one user shared.

“Our photographer told me, away from my wife, to whisper cereal names as seductively as possible to my wife. We were both laughing so hard after I whispered ‘Captain Crunch’ and ‘Fruity Pebbles’ in as sexy a voice as i could,” another user wrote.

Moments like these are good reminders that weddings, while sacred, should be a fun celebration for those tying the knot, filled with laughter — and sure, maybe a few crass jokes here and there.

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