“Hot Felon” Jeremy Meeks Walked the Runway at Tommy Hilfiger

Is Jeremy Meeks, aka “Hot Felon,” fashion’s hottest commodity? It would seem so. The model, who came to fame after his viral mug shot showed off his sculpted jaw and icy blue gaze, added another runway to his resume today, this time in Milan. He made a cameo among the star-studded cast at the Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2018 show wearing a coach’s jacket, a hoodie, a striped baseball cap, and a pair of shorts. (Our only complaint? More of his striking face should have been visible.) His strut at Tommy comes a year after his debut at Philipp Plein’s show.

<cite class="credit">Photo: Luca Tombolini / Indigital.tv</cite>
Photo: Luca Tombolini / Indigital.tv

While Meeks has been boasting many stellar pose-and-flex modeling gigs, he has had quite the whirlwind past with a rap sheet that includes grand theft auto. However, now that he has reformed himself, his life on the runway has led him to greener pastures. (Pun intended: He’s found himself a new love, Topshop heiress Chloe Green, and seems to be enjoying his gala-to-yacht moments.) Either way, his heart-stealing job is still looking successful. Could there be a campaign in the works next? (An underwear one?) Let’s keep our eyes peeled.

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