Horse Blocks Up Traffic On A Popular Trail

Unexpected trail obstacles are part of the deal with the sport, no one is under the impression they don't have to be on their toes when they're riding. However, most riders don't plan to run smack dab into a horse that was irresponsibly tied up on a downhill track.

Take a look at this bizarre and unfortunate incident through the eyes of Isra Tigre below.

The first thing I have to say about this is, that horse had to be so scared, it wasn't that poor creature's fault that whoever owns it tied it up in such an unbelievably bad spot. This looks like a very clearly marked downhill track, not a multi-use trail and certainly not a great spot to let your horse hang out.

It also wasn't necessarily the fault of the riders, it was just a bit of a bad situation all around by the looks of it. The horse was tied up in a very fast spot of that track and those guys appear to have done all they could to stop in time. 

Above all else, let this just be a lesson to be incredibly vigilant and alert while out riding because if it's not a horse on the trail it could just as easily be a deer, dog, person, or even a stick. We just hope the horse was alright throughout all this and that its owner found a better place to hitch it up.

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