This New Horror Film Will Give You A Fear Of… Smiles

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When it comes to horror movies, there isn’t a whole lot that we haven’t seen: mask-wearing killers, extraterrestrial life, monsters that take on every form imaginable, paranormal activity, witches that lurk in the woods, possessed dolls — inexplicable, albeit obvious terrors that are expected to strike fear. But a smile? The universal expression that, for the most part, indicates happiness, joy, and amusement, and in turn, evokes calm and ease in others? Not exactly horror material — until now.

Smile, which hits theaters on September 30, revolves around… you guessed it… smiles, turning an otherwise innocuous act on its head, and reimagining it in the most menacing and truly terrifying way.

The psychological horror film from Paramount is directed by Parker Finn, an up-and-comer who’s quickly making a name for himself in the genre. Smile follows Rose, a psychiatrist, whose client is haunted by someone — or something — smiling at her, and ultimately takes her own life. Rose is then plagued by the same evil, and everywhere she turns, she’s confronted by unsettling, goosebump-inducing smiles. What she learns: No one lives once they’re marked — and she searches for answers and fights for her survival before time runs out.

Watch the trailer, below, but be warned: It’ll shake you to your very core — so much so you won’t look at a smile the same way again. And if you’re feeling particularly masochistic, try this creepy smile Snapchat AR lens on yourself, if you dare.

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