AUG 23 - SEP 22

The bright sun is in fellow earth sign Capricorn to start the new month and year off in a responsible, reasonable way, just how you like it! Set your goals high now, Virgo, so you can brag about your amazing accomplishments later in the year!

Aggressive Mars is in energetic Aries, the sign it rules, to begin the month, but it soon moves into stubborn Taurus on January 6. For the next couple weeks, you’ll be hard to communicate with because once you make up your mind it will be very hard for anyone to change it. You’re open to listening to other people’s perspectives, but they rarely have an impact on you.

The new moon in earthy Capricorn on the thirteenth reminds you that you can accomplish a lot this year, and you can use this practical energy to set some more intentions for the rest of the month and 2021. You’re gifted with a large amount of determination now that can help you accomplish some pretty incredible things once you set your mind to it.

The first Mercury retrograde period of the year starts on January 30, when Mercury is in unpredictable Aquarius. You won’t be able to rely on technology for the coming weeks, but you’ll have an increased knack for figuring out alternate ways of doing things, which should help you avoid any major catastrophes. Let the cards illuminate the way in 2021. Get your 2021 personalized Tarot Reading now.
Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe