APR 20 - MAY 20

This week, someone says what you need to hear.

The week begins on Sunday, September 17, with the sun in Virgo and your house of dating and romance making a quincunx with the North Node in Aries. Today, no matter how connected you are to your sweetheart, you’re going to feel detached. Or they could feel disconnected while you’re standing there in front of them telling them how much you care. Taurus, this is one of those times when you want to adjust your thinking (or how you’re communicating what you’re thinking). A change in your words will make all the difference.

On Tuesday, September 19, the sun opposes Neptune in Pisces and your house of friendships. Today, you could have a spiritual experience with a friend. You might go to a meditation retreat or try a new form of yoga. Taurus, you could sit together with a candle and work a spell. You might pull Tarot cards to answer questions for each other or use the pendulum to read your friend’s inner thoughts.

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17 september - 23 september
Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe