APR 20 - MAY 20

Your Potential

The sun continues in your sign until May 20, Taurus, which means that this is an excellent time to project yourself out into the world. What are your plans and goals? Now is the time to put them into action.

This month also sees a dynamic buildup of energies in your spiritual zone, which is going to have an impact on the way things pan out. As much as you would like to get moving on your personal plans, this is an opportunity to enhance your inner game in a very powerful way.

You might feel moved to connect with a teacher or life coach who can help you move beyond your limits. There might be something you’d like to accomplish that takes you out of your comfort zone. If so, this can be a time to prepare prior to making a start.

The one issue that could complicate matters is Mercury’s retrograde phase from the tenth to June 3. This occurs partly in your money zone, which might delay payments and financial affairs in general. If you intend to purchase a big-ticket item, be sure to keep the paperwork and receipts.

This month is also significant for you because there’s a lunar eclipse across your relationship axis in Scorpio on May 15. This could bring buried feelings rushing to the surface and lead you to make a decision you’ve been mulling over for some time.

Plus, assertive Mars moves into Aries on the twenty-fourth, which could stir up your psyche and cause vivid dreams while enhancing your intuition.

Finances come into greater focus when the sun moves into Gemini for a stay of four weeks on May 20. This is your opportunity to take stock and see what improvements you can make to your money situation.

You might also be in the mood to start a side hustle, and the new moon in Gemini on the thirtieth would be the best time to go ahead.

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Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe