OCT 23 - NOV 21

This week, there is a reason to smile.

The week begins on Sunday, May 26, with the moon in Capricorn squaring the North Node and South Node. You might realize you’re spending a lot of your day on autopilot. It might be time to take control so you can fly in a different direction. Look at your daily routines and see what you can change to make it more interesting and effective.

On Monday, May 27, Mercury in Taurus sextiles Saturn in Pisces and your house of creativity, art, and music. Scorpio, your ability to focus is very strong today. This is a good time to consciously practice something you want to learn, especially if it’s related to something creative. You can come up with good designs, melodies, and movements that perfectly express what you’re trying to say.

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09 june - 15 june
Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe