OCT 23 - NOV 21

Detective Work

Relationships look positive, dear Scorpio, with plenty of opportunities for new developments, romance, and upbeat friendships. The sun in this sector until May 20 is helpful for negotiations and smoothing over any edgy issues. Working with another or on a team could see you accomplishing more, and you’ll have an instant support network too.

The new moon in Taurus on the eleventh can be helpful for all new beginnings concerning relationships. If you’re considering a business partnership, this can be a good time to take that crucial step forward. It’s also an opportunity to take a new relationship to the next level or begin a new phase in your current bond.

But there is a gradual shift as Mercury moves into Gemini on May 3, followed by luscious Venus five days later. As the focus moves to a more emotional zone, you might be ready to make some important decisions that could lead to positive developments. Before you do, though, research your options and dig deep, because some of the information you need may not be immediately obvious. Plus, talking to experts and others with previous experience can also be an aid to your success.

Jubilant Jupiter will be in Pisces and your leisure zone from the thirteenth to July 28, giving this area a positive boost. If you have creative skills, this is a fabulous time to promote and market your work. Be bold and make sure that it’s seen by a wide variety of people both online and off.

The sun’s move into Gemini on May 20 encourages you to take stock of money and business matters and look into ways to enhance your financial progress.

Finally, a powerful combined supermoon and lunar eclipse in your money zone on the twenty-sixth could encourage you to splurge as a way to release tension and find some enjoyment in life. It might be better to invest in something worthwhile, though.

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Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe