NOV 22 - DEC 21

This week, you can tap into money energy. Sagittarius, you're finding the spiritual path to prosperity.

The week begins on Monday, December 6, with Mars in Scorpio, in your house of magic, making a sextile to Pluto in your house of money. Dust off your money crystals (citrine is a good choice for this purpose) or pull out your money incense. Sagittarius, you may want to say a prayer while you're holding your list of goals or play a money affirmation video of Lakshmi with an endless supply of coins flowing from her hands. You could see results by the end of the week.

On Tuesday, December 7, Mercury, in your own sign of Sagittarius, makes a square to Neptune in Pisces in your house of history and ancestors. A great way to boost your confidence is to remember successes from your past. Consider the tough times you've been through and the correct decisions you've made. And then reach back further and reconnect to grandparents, great-grandparents, and your ancestors all the way back to the beginning of time. Sagittarius, you have a line of people helping you.

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04 december - 10 december
Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe