NOV 22 - DEC 21

The Chance to Network

The month begins with the sun, lovely Venus, and ethereal Neptune in your home zone. You may find yourself in a contemplative mood, and it would pay to take time out to enjoy some nurturing. This could be on a physical as well as a mental and emotional level.

When feisty Mars moves into Gemini on March 3, you might feel a pull to be more sociable and reach out to others, and this could conflict with the urge to unwind. This influence lasts for around six weeks, and it could find you eager to make new friends, online or off, or get involved in a collaboration or team effort.

The new moon in your domestic sector on the thirteenth brings the chance of a gear change. If you’re ready to tackle some DIY projects, redecorate, or declutter, this is a good time to make a start.

And with articulate Mercury moving into Pisces and a deeply private zone on March 15, you might feel an urge to get to know more about your family tree or ancestry and see what associations this brings up.

There is a shift on the twentieth as the sun moves into Aries and your pleasure zone, followed by Venus the next day. This lovely pairing can encourage a creative streak or even a romantic one. If you have a love interest, you might be ready to take things further. If you’re eager to start a new hobby, befriending others who share your interest can mark the start of some wonderful friendships.

There’s a full moon on March 28, so feelings could surface, and you and others may be edgier than usual. But there is also the potential to clear the air and perhaps share more romantic feelings if you’re ready.

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Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe