FEB 19 - MAR 20

This week, your resources open up.

The week begins on Sunday, September 17, with the sun in Virgo and your house of relationships making a quincunx with the North Node in Aries. Today, you might not see eye to eye with your partner or best friend. Pisces, it’s understandable that you don’t agree on everything, but you might have a point of contention because you feel they’re heading in the wrong direction and they don’t agree. Part of being in a relationship is sometimes having to adjust for the other person.

On Tuesday, September 19, the sun opposes Neptune in your own sign of Pisces and your house of personal expression. To add a little magic to your life, you might want to wear it. You could wear a crystal or carry one in your pocket. Pisces, you might choose clothing that has alchemical symbols or a bracelet that is stamped in an ancient language. Today, you can embody the magic by putting it on your body.

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29 september - 05 october
Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe