SEP 23 - OCT 22

This week, you're learning more about yourself. Libra, changing your story could be key to your future prosperity.

The week begins on Monday, December 6, with Mars in Scorpio, in your house of money, making a sextile to Pluto in your house of foundations. Today's a good day to look at your core beliefs regarding money. These beliefs may have been formed in childhood. Perhaps you see yourself as a spender, or you call yourself frugal. Maybe you stick to a budget, or perhaps you like to forget about your finances entirely. Libra, this will give you insight into how you can get on a path to financial security.

On Tuesday, December 7, Mercury in Sagittarius, in your house of contracts, makes a square to Neptune in Pisces in your house of work. Libra, you might review an agreement for a new job. There's a desire to get it signed quickly, but this aspect with Neptune can make things vague and imprecise. Make sure you understand what you're getting into before signing.

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04 december - 10 december
Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe