SEP 23 - OCT 22

This week, you’re finding a way to be peacefully assertive.

The week begins on Sunday, December 3, with Mars in Sagittarius and your house of communication making a quincunx to Jupiter in Taurus. Libra, you might be very busy, but your path to success is through communicating directly. You might be reticent about stating what you want, so you could do a lot of preparation for what is a simple text or email. Today is a good day to work on wording and presentation.

On Tuesday, December 5, Venus in Scorpio and your house of money trines Saturn in Pisces. Today, you could wear frugality like a badge of honor. Perhaps you saved a bunch of money buying a new outfit, upgrading your phone, or purchasing a car. Libra, you might announce to the world how good your negotiating was. And you might look for other ways to save money. Today, you can strike a good deal with excellent terms and possibly deferred interest.

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15 december - 21 december
Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe