MAR 21 - APR 19

This week, you’re making your world a little more comfortable.

On Monday, April 3, Mercury in Taurus and your house of money squares Pluto in Aquarius and your house of big, audacious ideas. You might be ready to throw some money at a project that is your heart’s desire. This could be to buy some equipment, hire a coach, or invest in the training you need. Aries, you might feel you have to spend money to make money, so now you have your credit card out and ready.

Mercury in Taurus sextiles Saturn in Pisces and your house of hidden talents on Wednesday, April 5. Practice makes perfect, and you’re willing to do some very productive practice. Aries, if you’re engaged in some sort of physical activity, you might shoot a video of what you’re doing so you can see yourself from a different perspective. You could give your writing to an editor for review. Or you might have an accountant look over your finances.

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02 april - 08 april
Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe