Honkai: Star Rail – How to Get the Anti-Balloon Achievement in Clockie’s Theme Park


Penacony, the location of the current storyline in Honkai: Star Rail, has quite a few achievements related to balloons – each area of the planet contains one peculiarly placed balloon and popping it grants you a special achievement, worth five Stellar Jade. Hey, it’s honestly earned currency.

Clockie’s Theme Park, a new area added in Honkai: Star Rail 2.1, follows the example set by the locations preceding it in version 2.0 and contains a hidden balloon connected to an achievement. Find out below how to get the Anti-Balloon achievement in Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai: Star Rail – Anti-Balloon Achievement

You enter Clockie’s Theme Park for the first time while playing Aventurine’s perspective – same as Dewlight Pavilion, the other location added in the most recent update. After having his head tampered with by Sunday, Aventurine is starting to go off the rails and sees his younger self at the entrance of the park. You can’t follow the kid through the main entrance in the center, since that’s off-limits. However, the left and right side doors are open.

To get the Anti-Balloon achievement, you’ll need to enter Clockie Theme Park from the left door. Head down the gangway and keep an eye on the right side – where you’d walk if the central way was open. You’ll see a suspiciously placed balloon there. Not surprisingly, this is your target – if you can destroy it, the achievement is yours.

That's where the target balloon is.<p>HoYoverse</p>
That's where the target balloon is.


I was able to pop the balloon using Topaz’s standard attack, so other ranged characters with a similar reach or area-of-effect attack should be able to get to it as well.

With that item on your to-do list checked off easily and quickly, head back and over the theme park entrance on the right, from where you can continue the main story.

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