Honey Is The Unexpected Ingredient That Will Transform Your Eggs

honey and eggs in bowls
honey and eggs in bowls - Mirzamlk/Getty Images

The question of sweet or savory is a common and divisive one when it comes to breakfast time. Are you a person who goes for pancakes, pastries, or French toast with lots of syrup? Or, do you skew toward the salty side upon opening your eyes, with sausage, bacon, a pile of scrambled eggs, or a veggie-filled omelet in your sights?

Well, believe it or not, there's a world where you don't have to choose. That's because there's a sweet ingredient you may not have considered adding to your eggs that can change everything, and you probably already have it on hand. The game-changing element? A drizzle of honey.

No matter what kind of honey you select, from chestnut to orange blossom to your local favorite, you'll be adding a natural sweetness that complements the savory, warm, and comforting quality of cooked eggs. Bringing these two staple ingredients together has benefits beyond being delicious, too. On top of the nutritional punch that eggs already pack, honey is a superfood all on its own, offering a host of antioxidants and antibacterial benefits. So grab that carton of eggs from the fridge and your honey from the cupboard (we're always thankful for honey's eternal shelf life), and this complete, balanced, and super flavorful meal should be a snap for getting a satisfying dish on the table for breakfast — or any meal, for that matter.

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How To Prepare Eggs With Honey

Beating egg in bowl
Beating egg in bowl - FoodVideoPhoto/Shutterstock

If you're making scrambled eggs or an omelet, drizzle a little honey into the mix along with a splash of milk or cream when you crack your eggs into a bowl. (If you want an extra fluffy omelet, try adding a little cream of tartar, too, which will help keep your finished dish from deflating).

From there, simply whip by hand with a whisk, or use an immersion blender as you usually would, and cook the mixture in a hot, buttered frying pan to your level of preference. You can also add a little extra honey on top when serving, with flaky sea salt to bring out that divine sweetness.

For fried eggs worthy of a genius, try Albert Einstein's preferred preparation: melt butter in your skillet, and when it's slightly sizzling, gently drop your eggs in. When the eggs are close to completion, drizzle in your honey and let it melt together with the butter in the pan. Using a spoon, baste your eggs with this liquid gold combination, and get ready for a mind-blowing new breakfast staple.

Ways To Spin Your Sweetened Eggs

Deviled eggs on dish with herbs
Deviled eggs on dish with herbs - Bhofack2/Getty Images

Perfecting your ideal egg dish can be a lifelong pursuit. Fortunately, few ingredients are as versatile, and the honey can help elevate several other flavors, too, opening up a whole world of additions for your egg journey.

If you want to stay on the sweetness train, incorporate baking spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. This will give you an omelet or scramble reminiscent of French toast, minus the bread. Considering that milk and honey are already close friends, a splash of dairy does wonders for creating a creamy, slightly sweet breakfast. Cheese and herbs are classic additions to an egg dish and work well with honey, too. Goat cheese or gorgonzola are both great accompaniments. For texture, you can either crumble bacon or granola on top of your scramble, or nuts like pistachio or cashew.

Heat and sweet is always a happy combo, so toss in some chili powder or pepper flakes if you're feeling fiery. Bonus points if you have hot honey on hand. You can also pair your honeyed eggs with a number of other sauces, like gojuchang, soy, or mustard, all of which make a nice complement to this combo as well.

You can even apply this pairing to a more shareable format, and try your hand at honey deviled eggs. Drizzle in the sweet stuff while making your filling, and invite your friends to taste your new creation. And, if you're serving dessert, an eggy soufflé spiked with honey is a reliable crowd-pleaser.

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