I Honestly Want Everything on & Other Stories RN, But Here Are My 16 Faves

Anneliese Dominguez
·1 min read

If I could choose one store where I know I can always find something to become obsessed with, it would be & Other Stories—hands down. I've bought dozens of items from the European brand and never failed to get compliments whenever I wear them. I recently scrolled through the site, and surprise surprise, I wanted everything. Smocked shirts, midi dresses, cropped denim, and more are swirling around in my head, and I can't help but share all my favorites. Because I don't want this article to be over a hundred pages long (even though it very well could), I'll keep it short and sweet. Keep scrolling for 16 cute & Other Stories items you'll want to shop ASAP.


& Other Stories Relaxed Cotton Vest ($59)

& Other Stories Shell Button Satin Blouse ($89)

& Other Stories Embroidered Collar Puff Sleeve Cotton Blouse ($89)

& Other Stories Fitted Smocked Shirt ($99)


& Other Stories Sleeveless Midi Knit Dress ($119)

& Other Stories Draped Accentuated Waist Midi Dress ($119)

& Other Stories Drawstring Waist Blazer Mini Dress ($129)

& Other Stories Buttoned A-Line Midi Dress ($129)


& Other Stories Oversized Drawstring Trousers ($69)

& Other Stories Favourite Cut Cropped Jeans ($89)

& Other Stories Treasure Cut Jeans ($99)

& Other Stories Flared Rib Knit Trousers ($99)

Shoes and Accessories

& Other Stories Two Pack Hair Scrunchie Set ($9)

& Other Stories Twisted Rope Chain Bracelet ($19)

& Other Stories Duo Tone Leather Tote Bag ($129)

& Other Stories Elasticated Leather Chelsea Boots ($179)

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