An Honest Boll & Branch Review in 2023: My Thoughts About This Celeb (and President)-Loved Bedding

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In my house, not a single day goes by where my husband and I don’t talk about sleep. Every night, it takes him hours to finally pass out, whereas I can nod off pretty much anywhere at any time, yet the quality is lacking. In an effort to solve both of our nighttime problems, I decided to test out and review Boll & Branch sheets. The ads for this brand are seemingly everywhere, and tons of customers have sung its praises. On more than one occasion, I’ve wondered “Are Boll & Branch sheets actually good? What makes Boll & Branch so special and different from other options out there?”

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There are a few reasons why this brand is at least worth checking out. Since the company was founded in 2014, Boll & Branch has used 100 percent organic cotton to create its products (which also requires 90 percent less water than conventional cotton) and according to the site, it was “the first 100 percent organic Fair Trade Certified™ bedding company.” Every part of the production process is traceable, ensuring that the sheets and other items are free of “harmful chemicals, pesticides, and GMOs.” Plus, Boll & Branch makes it a mission to treat and pay all workers fairly and ethically.

It’s details like these that make shopping the sheets pretty enticing — and I haven’t even gotten to the quality yet.

Why are Boll & Branch sheets so good?

Boll & Branch’s Signature Hemmed Sheet Set cost $229, which definitely makes it an investment. But due to the 100 percent organic cotton, you’re really meant to feel a difference when you head to bed each night. Described as “buttery” and breathable, these sheets are created using a 4-over-1-under weave, which is designed to make them softer with each wash. Customer reviews also add that they “never pill” and mysteriously dry wrinkle-free.

Other Boll & Branch sheet options promise more of the same — even the flannel bedding is said to be “a rare balance of warmth and breathability” in addition to being soft and cozy.

Boll & Branch Signature Hemmed Sheet Set


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Materials: 100% organic cotton
Thread Count: 300 thread count, although Boll & Branch doesn’t “rely on thread count to determine quality,” instead focusing on the quality of the thread by using only the best organic materials.
Colors: 22

Which presidents used Boll & Branch sheets?

If you’re someone who looks to VIPs for shopping recommendations, you’ll be happy to know that three former presidents of the United States have slept on Boll & Branch sheets. In an interview with Forbes, CEO and founder Scott Tannen revealed that “people like President Bush (both of them) and President Clinton sleep on Boll & Branch,” as well as multiple celebrities.

Are Boll & Branch sheets scratchy?

Considering the price tag, you might be wondering if Boll & Branch sheets are scratchy — or, at the very least, as soft as they claim to be. Plenty of luxury bedding options promise the same yet produce disappointing results, perhaps feeling stiff and more uncomfortable as time goes on. However, customers have labeled these sheets as the softest they’ve ever felt, and Boll & Branch trusts that you’ll feel the same way.

The key to softness, according to Boll & Branch, comes down to using the “softest, rarest organic cotton,” AKA “long-staple” organic cotton, which is really just a way to describe the length of the fiber (short, long, or extra long). This type of cotton so rare and difficult to grow, that only 1 percent of the world’s supply meets the brand’s requirements. Once it’s spun into threads, the threads are then woven into Boll & Branch’s signature 4-over-1-under weave, which allows the fibers to lift slightly with every wash, thus making your sheets feel softer over time.

My honest review of Boll & Branch sheets

I decided to review Boll & Branch’s Flannel Buffalo Check Sheet Set ahead of the winter season. I wanted to see if this heavier material was as breathable as others claimed it to be and also enjoyed the fun yet neutral pattern.

The Pros:

They aren’t kidding when they say these sheets are soft — the material is extremely cozy and I did feel extra excited climbing into bed. After sleeping on Boll & Branch sheets for a few days, I am no longer waking up in the middle of the night and admittedly feel more well-rested in the morning. However, my husband might have an even better review. As someone who obsessively checks his sleep score on his Garmin watch (he sometimes has really alarming results), he told me that he finally received a 100 percent rating and that his “body battery was fully recharged” — which hasn’t happened since he got that tracker back in July.

Other than the feel of the material, Boll & Branch sheets also look as advertised on the site, which is something I do worry about when ordering online. The color is a near perfect match and looks so cute with our green comforter (which is from Amazon).

The Cons:

I really don’t have much to complain about when it comes to my Boll & Branch sheets, but I will say that when I washed and dried them (on low heat), I was kind of shocked at how much lint there was — it was thick and filled the trap to the brim. I’m unsure if that’s part of the process that helps to make these sheets softer, but hopefully it only happens in the first wash and they last a long time. There weren’t any care instructions on the package, but there is a full guide on the Boll & Branch site if you’re worried about how to properly clean these sheets.


  • Supremely soft

  • Breathable

  • Fits easily over mattress (and stays put)

  • Color matches what’s advertised online


  • Expensive

  • The flannel sheets make a lot of lint the first time they’re washed

Flannel Buffalo Check Sheet Set


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Materials: 100% organic cotton
Thread Count: 300 thread count, although Boll & Branch doesn’t “rely on thread count to determine quality,” instead focusing on the quality of the thread by using only the best organic materials.
Colors: 12

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