Some new homes are being built with ‘package areas’ for online shopping deliveries

A Georgia realtor highlighted a convenience that some builders are adding to new construction homes — but TikTok is split on whether to call this one a win or a major fail.

According to Lexi Blevins (@lexi_blevins), who sells real estate in the greater Atlanta area, “package doors” are starting to become a trend to keep online deliveries safe from rain, snow and porch pirates.

“So this has gotta be the coolest feature I’ve ever seen in a new construction home,” Blevins says at the start of her video.

“This right here is your package area,” she continues while standing by the first of two doors on either side of a small foyer. “This door locks securely from the inside so your Amazon guy can just have the code to your secondary door and all of your stuff can just stay right here.”

“How awesome is that?” Blevins asks before the video ends.

According to Forbes, the pandemic triggered a massive uptick in online ordering that fundamentally shifted the way most consumers shop. And according to marketing experts, the trend appears to be holding strong. In fact, U.S. ecommerce sales reached an all-time high in 2022, bringing in just over $1.03 trillion.

At the same time, porch piracy has skyrocketed. According to another report by SafeWise, thieves nabbed roughly 260 million delivered packages in 2022, leading to $19.5 billion in losses.

When you consider those stats, a designated package area for deliveries might not be such a strange solution after all.

“This would be AMAZING!”

TikTokers had mixed reactions to the delivery area.

“Designing a house around buying stuff…I call this a problem,” added one person.

Others felt it was a bad idea for safety reasons.

“the doors should be swapped so potential thieves don’t realize you have package,” another person noted, referencing that the exterior door has paned glass, whereas the interior one is solid wood.

But in defense of the “package area,” several people jumped in to say that this actually isn’t a “new” thing.

As one user pointed out, this is “also known as an enclosed Foyer – popular in the late 1800s.”

“In my 1920s home, we call it a vestibule,” another person shared.

But many TikTokers loved the idea.

“great idea,” one user wrote.

“Omg!! I have daily pickups from my home business and this would be AMAZING! No more leaving everything on the porch!” another user shared.

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