Homeowner Makes Stained Yellow Tinted Grout Look Brand New With One Simple Product

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When it comes to a cleaning regime we all have our methods, our routines, and our products that we love, and it typically takes us a lot to stray away from that. Scrub Daddy sponge for the kitchen matched with Dawn dish soap, Baking Soda and Vinegar. The Pink Stuff for the bathroom and tile. And Pine-Sol for the wood furniture, floors, and baseboards. It seems like there has never been a go for grout cleaning, but we think we just discovered the magic product… and it turned one woman's previously yellow grout back to a bright sparkling white, Check it out!

The wonderful woman who shared this product with us is Instagram user and DIY maven @grovehousereno. She is extremely well-versed in the online cleaning industry as she shares some pretty well tested and vetted hacks that have left us speechless time and time again. But this one seems to have been stealing the show, as we actually cannot believe our eyes on a bit of this grout transformation!

Grout- the area between tiles that hold them together- is the perfect crevice for dirt, grit, and grime to collect and lock on. There are many different cleaners you can use to tackle dirty grout but some just don’t work that well and others are way too harsh.

But it turns out that ‘Grout Renew’ is the magic solution. And this woman's video proves its powerful cleaning and transformation abilities. She lines the grout with the cleaner, scrubs it with a soft bristle brush, wipes it off with a sponge, and reveals yellow-stained grout turned sparkling white!

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