Homeowner confounded after discovering a ‘secret cube’ built into his laundry room: ‘Curiosity got the best of me’

A TikToker is going viral after sharing footage of a bizarre “secret cube” he discovered on the ceiling in his home’s laundry room.

Homeowner Billy Smith (@billysmith176) shared the discovery in a video posted on May 9. In it, he tried explaining the mysterious structure, which seemed to serve no functional purpose.

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Smith’s clip is the latest in a long line of TikToks centered around strange home discoveries. In recent months, users have discovered floor safes while vacuuming, creepy manholes while redoing their floors and strange windows with no connection to a room.

Many of those videos went viral for both the mysteries and their solutions, as TikTokers often followed up to show what they found. Smith’s clip was similar.

“OK, so I have lived in this house for two years, and curiosity got the best of me the other day,” he said at the start of his video.

The TikToker proceeded to show the cube from several angles, revealing that it seemingly has no connection to any pipes from the laundry room.

He then showed how the cube doesn’t seem to be structural either, since it’s opposite his stairwell.

“I don’t know what the purpose of the cube is,” he said. “But we’re about to find out.”

In a follow-up video, Smith cut into the box to see what was inside. There appeared to be nothing but several old pipes, which may or may not be attached to the bathroom on Smith’s second floor.

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The TikToker was clearly disappointed in the discovery.

“Well, there’s nothing secretive up here,” he said. “Unfortunately there’s no stash of money like I was hoping for.”

The reveal left some TikTokers frustrated, as many said it was easy to guess what the cube was for.

“That was so dramatically underwhelming,” one user wrote.

“That’s some messed up plumbing,” another added.

“TikTok has people thinking everything obscure in their home is a mystery,” another joked.

Others, however, suggested Smith take advantage of the curiosity that brought him there in the first place — by hiding something for future residents.

“Leave a map to a hidden treasure buried on your property,” one user joked. “But make it difficult to understand so that the next owners ruin their entire yard trying to find it.”

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