Up Your Home Workshop Game With the Best Art, Craft, and Hobby Knife Sets

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Sharp ideas deserve a sharp blade. Cut through everything from balsa wood to rubber to chiffon with an art, craft, and hobby knife set. Great for getting at tough-to-reach areas and creating intricate cutout patterns, a hobby knife is sharper than a pair of scissors and more easily manipulated than a box cutter, making it a handy tool for a variety of art, craft, and home-improvement projects including model making, scrapbooking, and sculpture. Browse our selection of the best products below.

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1. Arteza Hobby Knife Kit

This knife set from Arteza includes three anodized aluminum handles and more than a dozen blades for use with light, medium, and heavy materials ranging from paper to wood to metal. The blades are made of high-quality tungsten steel, which is harder and more durable than traditional steel. The back of the package delineates the best uses for each type of included blade, which is a helpful touch. Arteza also throws in a three-layer self-healing cutting mat.

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2. Pro’sKit Deluxe Hobby Knife Kit

Usually precision blades for hobby knives are meant to be used until they’re dull, and then they’re replaced, but these can be sharpened a few times using a grindstone. There’s a lot of attention to detail in this kit, from the three comfortable rubber handles to the alloy steel blades to the utilitarian case that travels well.

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3. Fancii Precision Craft Knife Kit

A hobby knife set is meant to be kept together—that’s why most don’t include individual blade covers. For that reason, having a high-quality case is imperative. This rigid plastic case with a see-through top features a magnetic strip and clearly marked indents for each blade, making storage safe and easy. All 13 blades in different styles can be used with each of the three handles for chiseling, stenciling, scoring, carving, deburring, and more.

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4. Cricut TrueControl Knife Kit

Cricut dominates the computerized cutting machine market for home crafters due to the thoughtful, intuitive design of its products. While this knife set has nothing advanced or computerized about it, it demonstrates the design sensibility that makes Cricut so popular. The included handle has a soft, comfortable grip that stops the knife from rolling off your work table, and the 5 extra steel blades are housed in a safe, stand-alone case. Simply twist the top of the knife to release your blade, and twist again to securely lock a new one in place.

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5. X-Acto Basic Knife Set

X-Acto is the brand whose name has come to be synonymous with “hobby knife,” thanks to its reliably high-quality precision blades. This variety pack contains 13 carbon steel blades in different shapes for use in crafts and artwork. The handsome wooden box with a metal clasp that houses the set makes it perfect to give as a gift, and it looks professional on a tool or craft shelf.

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