'Home Town' Star Erin Napier Shared a Rare Family Video and Fans Are Flooding Her Instagram

hgtv 'home town' hosts erin and ben napier
Erin Napier Posted a Rare Family Instagram VideoManny Carabel - Getty Images

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It may not be summer break, but Home Town star Erin Napier, 37, is enjoying the beginning of the warm weather with her family. What's more, she shared a rare glimpse of their quality time together.

In late March, the television personality and her husband Ben Napier, 39, took their daughters Helen, 5, and Mae, 1, to California for some family time on what was presumably spring break. As part of their adventures out West, the quartet played around at the beach (with Helen writing her name in the sand) and spending the day with close friends. The group also took a tour of the Warner Bros. Studio lot, where she documented visiting the sets of some popular TV shows 0n Instagram.

"It ain’t summer, but one can dream ☀️," she wrote on March 22. "What a very special day on the @wbd lot!"

When longtime followers noticed that the couple took a break from their work on their hit HGTV series and took their kids on a vacation, many were elated at the sight. Unsurprisingly, fans couldn't get over how happy Erin, Ben and their girls looked in the clip.

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"You guys are so cute! 😍," one person wrote on Instagram. "What fun for your family. I bet your girls were excited seeing the ocean ❤️," another noted. "I love your family time. Y'all are a wonderful family! 💕 Please always stay as you are," a different user commented.

While Erin is strategic about which personal moments to feature on social media, she does like to give small updates on how her girls are doing. She posted a photo of Helen and Mae painting just a few days later. According to the Mississippi native, these are the kinds of activities she wants them involved in — away from small screens.

As Home Town fans may know, Erin has been vocal about certain rules she's set in place for her children. She spoke out in December 2022 about not wanting them to have smart phones.

"I read once where we should only accept the criticism of people who know us and love us well enough to deliver it gently and in a way that helps instead of hurts," she penned on Instagram. "Social media for teenagers is the harshest criticism of all.

Erin continued: "We and all our closest friends have made an agreement that until our kids are grown, they won’t have smart phones bought on our dime ... Childhood is so short. We’re gonna savor every last second of our girls’ that we can."

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