Make Your Home Feel Like It's Right Out of Barbieland—with Weird Barbiecore

If Barbie's Dreamhouse doesn’t suit your decor style, you need to give this quirky new alternative a chance (just like everyone did with Weird Barbie).

<p>Helen Elizabeth Norman</p>

Helen Elizabeth Norman

Now that the buzz about this summer’s Barbie blockbuster has died down a bit (after breaking $1 billion at the box office), it’s time to get real: "Most Relatable Character" goes to Weird Barbie. Played by Kate McKinnon, it could easily be argued that the she's real star of the movie.

With her short and spiky, bleach-blond haircut, bright babydoll dress, and crayon-like scribbles across her face, Weird Barbie doesn’t really match Barbieland’s typical beauty standards. Regardless, she has an aesthetic—and a sense of self—that’s beautiful in its own way. Often found hanging out in the splits, McKinnon’s character has an unapologetic personality, and an equally-quirky house to match.

You likely already know and love Barbiecore home decor, featuring dramatic silhouettes and all things pink, but Weird Barbie's style mixes it up. If your feet aren’t cut out for a six-inch heel, if you have a little cellulite, or if you just don't really care for pink, it's time to lean into the Weird Barbie aesthetic.

Read on for some tips and tricks for channeling Weird Barbie in your home decor—it’s all about being your best, most-authentic self.

Weird Barbie’s Best Advice For Home Decor

With all the focus on Barbie’s picture-perfect Dreamhouse and Ken’s hypermasculine Mojo Dojo Casa House, you may have overlooked the most impressive real estate in Barbieland: Weird Barbie’s house. Full of sharp angles, vibrant colors, and unexpected details, it takes maximalism to a whole other level. Though it doesn't necessarily offer a practical floor plan, the fun, whimsical elements might give you the decor inspiration you’ve been wanting.

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David A Land
David A Land

Don’t Shy Away From Bright Colors

Barbieland is anything but dull, and Weird Barbie’s house epitomizes of the colorful lives Barbies lead. Bright colors can be intimidating—from wallpaper to statement accessories, it doesn't take much to go overboard. But if you truly want to channel Weird Barbie, take your color choices one step farther than you normally would.

The fictional house blends neon pinks, oranges, blues, and greens for a somewhat overwhelming cocktail of hues. Instead of decking out every element and wall of your home with these bright shades, bring some youthful and eye-catching colors into your paint, furniture, and throw pillow choices.

Make a statement with a bright pink feature wall, or paint the outside of your house in a non-traditional shade. Just remember: If you like a certain color (or colors), run with it. Create a palette that speaks to you and expresses who you are, even if it's a little different.

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Play Around With Patterns

Weird Barbie isn’t afraid of patterns—her dress alone blends checks, paint splatters, and color blocks. And when it comes to her house, you’ll find psychedelic swirls and '90s-inspired, Memphis-style prints. Bringing these different textures and designs throughout the home gives your rooms plenty of interesting focal points—and serves as the ultimate conversation starter. If a plain, singular color isn’t for you, a playful, patterned wallpaper or area rug makes your space pop—and gives you a lot more creative freedom.

Gordon Beall
Gordon Beall

Layer To Your Heart’s Content

Weird Barbiecore design naturally overlaps with layerism: the maximalist decor style that encourages layering patterns, colors, and styles to create a personalized aesthetic. It’s clear from Weird Barbie’s home design and wardrobe choices that she went with just about any and every design style that came to mind.

Don’t be afraid to tastefully pair patterns, combine seemingly-opposing color schemes, or slightly alter your space as your design preferences evolve over time. This results in a home that reflects every aspect of your personality—and your guests will feel like they know you as soon as they step inside.

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Put Comfort First

Weird Barbie makes herself comfortable anywhere. When Stereotypical Barbie first encounters her in the movie, she’s chilling at home, casually doing the splits against the wall. She doesn’t have the typical heeled Barbie feet, so she isn’t stuck in a stiletto position. She doesn’t care to smooth down her unruly hair. So it's obvious Weird Barbie favors comfort—at home and out and about.

To embody this energy, invest in cushy couches, leave cozy and brightly-colored blankets and pillows around the house, and don’t let lofty design aspirations prevent you and your guests from having a good time. Your home should feel lived in and welcoming, somewhere you aren’t afraid to be yourself.

Sprinkle In Some Sculptural Elements

With angular, asymmetrical rooms stacked on top of each other, Weird Barbie's home tests the limits of the simple square homes we’re used to. Non-rectangular doorways lead to triangle-shaped rooms, and an oversized cat sculpture greets visitors at the front door.

If you like the playful approach Weird Barbie adopts when it comes to architecture, you can bring sculptural elements to your own home without bending the laws of physics or living in a movie set.

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Search for multipurpose furniture, like storage stools and hidden TVs, for an unexpected and practical way to add fun to each room of your house. Experiment with abstract pillows to easily integrate 3D shapes into your living room or bedroom. Lamps and other lighting solutions also come in all sorts of exciting shapes and sizes and can be mixed and matched throughout your space.

<p>Sarah Dorio</p>

Sarah Dorio

It’s OK To Make a Mess

The last thing Weird Barbie cares about is styling an perfectly-curated outfit, and some features of her home don’t exactly meld—but that’s just part of the Weird Barbie mindset. Your home doesn’t need to be spotless or ready for guests at a moment’s notice; it just has to reflect your personality. Keeping your home tidy is important to an extent, but remember: You live there, and it's OK if that's evident. Always embrace your imperfections and quirks, and let your home reflect that.

Don’t Conform To Just One Aesthetic

At the end of the day, emulating Weird Barbie isn’t about buying into an aesthetic or going all-out on the oddities. Instead, Weird Barbiecore asks you to make our home special, just for you. If your preferences don’t align with the home decor trends of the week, month, or year, don’t feel the need to conform.

Don’t let the Stereotypical Barbies influence who you really are, and decorate your home in a way that works for you—imperfections and all.

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