The Home Features Buyers Will Spend an Extra $10K on in 2024

<span>Credit: Brooke Fitts</span> <span class="copyright">Credit: Brooke Fitts</span>
Credit: Brooke Fitts Credit: Brooke Fitts

Believe it or not, following TikTok trends actually can increase the value of your home. According to a March 21 Zillow report, homes with bespoke backyard features often sell faster than homes without.

The methodology for the Zillow report compared the final sale prices on home listings as well as time on market against their pre-listing Zestimates and the presence (or absence) of 359 home features listed in the listing description.

And after surveying nearly one million homes listed for sale in 2023 based on the presence or absence of those 359 home features, Zillow concluded that on average, homes with the popular architectural and design trend of rounded corners sell six days faster than similar homes; homes that mention a plant ledge in the listing description tend to sell five days faster; and homes with terrazzo tile tend to sell four days faster.

On the flip side, sellers whose homes include “dated” features in listing descriptions struggle more and end up selling houses for less. Features such as tile countertops and laminate can decrease a home’s value by at least 1% if mentioned in the listing.

Another element that’s important when it comes to selling your house? Having a good backyard. Zillow’s report found that six of the top 10 features that help homes sell more are outdoor features. Homes with outdoor TVs sell for an average 3.1% more than homes without them. That’s equivalent to an extra $10,749 for the average U.S. house, according to Zillow.

Other outdoor features that can help boost your home’s value include outdoor showers (which can raise a home’s value by 2.6%), a bluestone patio (which can raise a home’s value by 2.3%), and an outdoor kitchen (which can raise a home’s value by 1.7%).

When it comes to selling homes more quickly, outdoor features like picket fences, turf, and saltwater pools can also make a considerable difference.

You can read Zillow’s full report here.